Technical Information 


These photographs have been taken by me, M. Taheri, using various format film cameras. Films are hand processed (by me) using traditional darkroom techniques, chemicals and washed in running water for an hour. 


The prints are produced (by me) on Baryta fibre-based, Silver Gelatine or Silver Chlorobromide photographic paper using a traditional commercial enlarger and are hand developed and fixed in freshly prepared chemicals and washed in running water for one hour. 


Prints are in duotone, using a variety of chemical toners that are mixed by myself to achieve the desire look and washed for a further hour. Once they have been dried naturally, they are then pressed and glazed. 


All photographs are mounted on acid free board and framed within my own handmade frames. They can be dyed to the required colour then protected by using french polish. 


Please feel free to come in and ask any questions you may have. 


Thank you

M. Taheri 

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